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DJ CeeJay

DJ CeeJay is a deejay, producer and songwriter who lives and works in Lübeck, Germany. His unmistakable personal style reflects the sunny side, but also the dark side of everyday life in his life. Electronic pop culture instruments, the love of analog sound and the unadulterated words of reality tell a unique story that is loved to be heard. As the artist explains, ``I am a story teller and I welcome you to join me on this audio journey.`` As a teenager, DJ CeeJay received his first mixing equipment and played at the first parties. It quickly turned into larger gigs in local discos, where the artist served the black floors. This was followed by interviews on local radio stations, the first own songs such as ``Kisse over L.A.`` and building his own recording studio.

YOB: 1987

Education: ILS, Hamburg, Germany

Based in: Lübeck, Germany


DJ CeeJay – International Most Wanted DJ

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